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Writing a great speech requires careful considering of several factors. One of the essential considerations is the time you will have to make your speech. When making a speech, your audience expects you to be interesting, charming, and articulate. But, how do you determine the number of words to speak per minute to ensure that your audience follows your speech? What’s more, how do you ensure that your speech is not too short or too long?

Well, these are common questions that most speakers ask when preparing their speech. One of the factors that determine the number of words you can speak per minute is whether the speech will be recorded or live. Additionally, your audience should influence how fast you speak when making a speech. For instance, if your audience is familiar with your topic, you can speak a little faster than when addressing people that are not familiar with the topic. Luckily, our speech writing service words to minutes’ converter can help you determine how fast your speech should be.

Person Average Speech Speed

On average, a person speaks around 90 to 150 words per minute. However, this depends on whether the speaker encounters cheering, applause, and other crowd reactions. What’s more, whether the speaker emphasizes some points or not can influence the speed with which they make a speech.

Perhaps, an ideal way to determine the time your speech will take is using our words to minutes speech calculator. With this tool, you can determine the number of words to write in your speech depending on the time you will have to make your speech. Also, bear in mind the fact that you will have to speed up and slow down in some cases depending on the crowd’s reaction.

Effective Words to Minutes Speech Converter

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Our speech writing services words to minutes converter tool will enable you to decide on the length of your speech.

Minutes to Words Converter

To determine the number of minutes your speech will take, consider this minutes to words converter.

  • 1-minute speech should have between 135 and 150 words
  • 1.5 minutes speech should have between 202 and 225 words
  • 6 minutes speech should have around 1500 words

Words to Speech Speed Calculator

  • 130 words should take one minute
  • 260 words should take 2 minutes
  • 390 words should take 3 minutes.

When writing a speech, use our calculator to determine the number of words to include depending on the time you will have to present your speech.


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